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March 14 2015

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by Andrew Zuckerman

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I was trying to practice perspectives and suddenly there was Hawke.
Also, I feel like I can never catch the full badassery of  F!Hawke when I draw her. There’s just too much of it ;a;

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Every week is witchsona week


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It may look a little (or a lot) like a Klingon weapon, but this sleek 3D-printed object is actually a musical instrument.

In fact, it’s a violin.

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t he man who would be king

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December 26 2014

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The most logical argument I’ve ever seen a hero use.

It really was a refreshing change of pace from "It’s the noble thing to do."

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my favorite thing to do in the christmaa season is remind my overly religious family that this is what cindy lou who looks like now, that she sings in a rock band and how much I love her and they get really mad

Don’t forget to mention she’s known for parkouring away from the papparazzi

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the winter palace, st petersburg, russia

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some kids note got confiscated and the teacher started giggling
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December 24 2014

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Just… wow.

At this point, it’s just hilarious that people expect to have this taken seriously.

Sad part is that there are actual people eat this trash up.

Still, I appreciate the good laugh though. :)

So, bitch and complain about representation in the show, but because they want their DoctorxMaster slash fics validated, they participate in a massively dickish act of trans and genderfluid erasure…

Lady’s and gentlemen, we have finally seen the true colors of Moffat haters.

And let me tell you, from the look of it they don’t give a fuck about the LGBT+ community at all beyond being a tool they can exploit to try to get what they themselves personally want. LGBT’s and non-binaries, Moffat haters are your enemies. They’re users and abusers. Don’t listen to them. Don’t fall for their tricks.

And Moffat haters, I got one thing to say to you if you’re offended by what I said.

I don’t think it represents all the Moffat haters but believe me, OP is still bending over backwards for a reason to hate.

The sad part is that people eat Moffat’s trash up…

Then going through princealigorna’s stuff, by paragraph:

  • So…complaining that the Master went from cismale to cisfemale and very quickly went and made out with the Doctor is trans and genderfluid erasure? Meanwhile saying that ‘gender is fluid’ on Gallifrey, in that it assures the gender always matches up with an individual’s genitals, based on human ideals of gender/genitals, is not at all bad (that’s basically what Moffat said, after all)? Interesting… Oh, and, I don’t ship Master/Doctor, by the way.
  • Oh, we have? Really? What’s that? Interesting colours you seem to think we have…
  • I’m my own enemy! Wow! Never knew that! And most of the other people in my community are also their own enemies! Just want to let you know that 90% of the people that argue with me about LGBTQIA+ issues are normally straight cismales. Meanwhile, I am omnisexual, and if I complain that River Song is super shitty bisexual representation, the straight boys will attack to let me know that I am wrong.
  • *chokes and dies*

And no, I’m really not.

But you fail to realize that this is a meme parody thing, so it’s not meant to be 100% accurate, it’s a gross oversimplification of a complicated thing, as it is intended to be.

I wasn’t so much singling you out, as I am just done with Moffat haters as a whole. Because no matter what, you’ll always find something to harp on. Moffat could write an episode that meets every requirement you claim he fails at, and you’d complain that one of the monsters has the wrong color contact lenses so the whole episode is invalid.

I’m going to repeat something I said earlier in another comment string from this meme.

People are expecting Missy to be the exact same as the Master…

Then why aren’t they complaining that Capaldi isn’t the same as Matt Smith, and Smith certainly wasn’t the same as William Hartnell? Each regeneration brings out different aspects of a Time Lord. Certain traits remain the same, but many traits are brought to the surface that makes each regeneration their own individual entity while still existing in continuity with the previous incarnations. Missy still shares traits with the Master. She’s still a scheming, manipulative little creep who messes with the Doctor because she believes herself superior. But you can’t expect her to be the exact same as who she was. And if she is developing romantic feelings for the Doctor, that might be a good thing. That might mean she’s learning to let go of her bitterness, see that she and the Doctor are similar to each other in many respects, and might be better off as allies than eternal rivals. That’s called character growth!

But your view of ‘Moffat haters’ is highly inaccurate, I assure you.

Yeah, we know that Missy should be different from previous Masters,  but after that you begin to say stuff that I very much disagree with.

Is it really okay that Missy may be developing feelings for the Doctor now that she’s a woman? Meanwhile for the entire history of the show, the Master has been male and has never been shown to have feelings for any male, or at all been shown to be gay (unless you count a shitty gay joke made in one of Moffat’s minisodes during Ten’s run), not counting subtext. That’s very problematic, for multiple reasons:

  • Heteronormativity: only Missy is interested in men, not any previous male Master
  • Trans erasure: Master’s genitals change, Master’s gender also changes (despite possibly 2000 years of being male beforehand)
  • Misogyny: see the heteronormativity part, only Missy wants the Doctor, and her plan is just to help the Doctor, meanwhile all other Masters have plotted plans to kill the Doctor, and/or take over/destroy the Earth

And this isn’t even an isolated thing, either. Moffat also did it in The Curse of Fatal Death. The Doctor was a female in their last incarnation on that, and they very quickly went off with the Master after calling him attractive, meanwhile none of the other Doctors in that seemed to think he looked good at all, and actually ridiculed his appearance.

Okay, I agree with some of your points but I disagree with others. For one thing, we have NO idea if other Masters have been interested in men. We’ve only really ever seen four masters (including Missy) and their sexualities were never really explored.The first five people to play the Master all played the SAME Master. And we also don’t know if other Masters were attracted to the Master. To your second point, we’ve no idea how many times the Master’s been male or female. And if regeneration works as a birth for the new Master, couldn’t they just be cisgender? Of course, I’m sure there’ve been agendered Masters but still. And to your next point, YANA Master didn’t want to just kill the Doctor or take over the Earth. While I do find Missy’s tactics weird, I’ve no problem with the Master having a new motive. 

I also don’t know why you keep bringing that parody into things, yes it’s pretty much the same way Moffat writes his female characters, it really serves no relevance to the Missy thing.

And the Master has always had some form of romantic/sexual feelings for the Doctor, or at least the Delgado version was a little attracted to the Doctor.

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World Stands With Pakistan to Mourn Slain School Children

Pakistan woke to a day of mourning on Wednesday after Taliban militants killed more than 140 students in a grisly attack which shocked the nation.

Source: NBC News

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idk what to say..
just someone stop me?

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